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ZUS versus other car chargers for Android devices

Car chargers:

Testing results (Voltage x AMP): 

ZUS Belkin Car Charger QC2.0 Car charger QC 2.0 Wall charger
Nexus 6 5.08V X 1.61A 5.1V X 1.08A 9.0V X 1.30A 8.99V X 1.43A
Moto X Pure 5.10V X 1.08A 5.0V X 0.94A 9.0V X 1.02A 8.98 V X 1.34A
Samsung Note 5 (On) 5.10V X 1.12A 4.97V X 0.73A 9.0V X 0.63A 8.87V X 0.68A
Samsung Note 5 (Off) 5.08V X 1.67A 4.97V X 0.73A 6.0V X 1.38A 9.0V X 1.61A


Testing results (Watt): 

ZUS Belkin Car Charger QC 2.0 Car charger QC 2.0 Wall charger
Nexus 6 8.18 5.51 11.70 12.86
MotoX Pure 5.51 4.70 9.18 12.03
Samsung Note 5 (On) 5.71 3.63 5.67 6.03
Samsung Note 5 (Off) 8.48 3.63 8.28 14.49