Dangerous driving: Don’t be fooled by fake TPMS

The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor crowdfunding launched on Indiegogo early June and beyond just building a next generation tire safety device we are also starting a movement to make sure people are aware of the inadequacy of many factory installed tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). At nonda, we believe that most factory installed TPMS are fake. To show our commitment to tire safety we will be using the hashtag #NoFakeTPMS.

We recently published a blog explaining what  current factory installed TPMS and why they often provide drivers with a false sense of safety. The use of indirect TPMS by manufacturers is simply a way to satisfy the legal requirements set forth in the TREAD Act but doesn’t provide any actual information to the driver.  Indirect TPMS sensors do not aggregate data and analyze trends, and even the upgraded direct TPMS do not help you understand the reason your tires are losing pressure. We view these  as “fake” tire pressure monitoring systems. We do not utilize “fake” products in any other aspects of our lives, so why do we continue to be okay with driving around with a “fake” TPMS?

During the launch of our ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor, we are going to show you why a “fake” TPMS just won’t do for the safety of you and your family.

Stand with us by sharing this message and spreading the word on how our ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor can provide you the safety you need while driving.

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