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No NDA Means We Are Happy to Share Nonda’s Playbook for CES 2017 With You Now

Nonda’s name is literally “no nda” (non-disclosure agreement). Transparency is core to our culture.  With that said, here’s our plan for building on our success in 2016 to continue to dominate the app-enabled accessory market in 2017 and beyond.

We currently offer two products specifically designed to be used in cars, and one that ends up in cars by default. Each is tethered to a phone. These products are:

  • ZUS® Smart Car Charger: More than a device for charging your phone while driving, ZUS charges two devices at nearly double the speed of conventional chargers and, via its app-enabled interface, is also a car mileage logger, categorizing work versus recreational miles, a GPS-based parking location tracker, a parking meter time logger and alert system, and even a car battery health monitor.
  • ZUS Super Duty Cable: Physically connecting your phone to the ZUS charger, the ZUS ballistic-fiber reinforced cable is specifically engineered to both aesthetically complement your car's interior and at the same time, provide superior bending and abrasion resistance to conventional cables when used both in and out of an automotive environment.
  • iHereTM: A rechargeable key finder, iHere ends up in your car as part of your keychain, and once there, makes sure that not only are you and your car keys never separated, but also acts as a remote photo shutter trigger for your phone’s camera.

But of course, we’re headed to CES in 2017 so there must be more. And there is… it will be our year of ZUS expansion.

We will be launching three exciting all-new ZUS products at CES along with significant new versions of our three existing products. Nonda’s goal for 2017 is to expand and integrate the ZUS promise of driver-focused safety and convenience for all cars. In so doing, we will make the case for looking at Nonda’s ZUS product offerings not as interesting one-offs, but as part of an integrated family of app-enabled accessories designed for simplicity, quality, and an accessible price point. The new product additions to the ZUS Connected Car will include:

  • ZUS Smart Car Mount
  • ZUS Smart Tire Sensor
  • ZUS Smart Backup Sensor

For a chance to preview these exciting new additions to Nonda’s connected car family, check us out January 5-8 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, booth #51517 at the Sands.

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