Why your TPMS can't thoroughly protect you? - A true story with a comic touch.

So a few days ago, we received this content from one of our users in China, it depicted the exact reason why we built our STSM in the first place, yet the way he told his story was so entertaining that we want to share this piece of art with you and hope you'd enjoy.

Here it goes.

Leave a comment if you had the same experience as Kevin here or share it to someone who you think could benefit from taking better care of their tires.
As always, have a great ride.


Mar 20, 2019 • Posted by nonda

Hey Kevin, thanks for the article, we really enjoyed it!

Mar 20, 2019 • Posted by Kevin the guy

Hey Guys, this is Kevin, aka the guy in this story. Just wanna say thank you to nonda for coming up with this piece of technology and to you guys for reading this. If you had the same experience as me or just wanna talk, feel free to send me an email at kevinSH193@gmail.com, would love to catch up.

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