So How Much Can You Save ??

How many combined miles do you drive for business, medical and charity purposes per year?

Potential Savings: $37450

By properly logging your miles, this is our calculation for what you could get back from the IRS on your tax return!!

So how can you easily get those potential savings back?

New Feature ZUS Mileage Log

Automatic Mileage Tracker

Simple Classification

IRS Compliant Reporting

Mileage Log Plans

$3.99 / month

$47.88 / year

$29.99 / year

Save $17.89 / year

Mileage Log Feature Spotlight

Automatic Tracking

ZUS Mileage Log records your drives automatically. ZUS runs in the background tracking and logging your miles into a comprehensive record you can access at any time.

One-Swipe Classification

Swipe right for business drives – swipe left for personal drives. add You can add details such as drive purposes to suit your specific needs.

IRS Compliant Reporting

ZUS Mileage Log creates a record of your and drives which can be accessed through any of your devices. In addition, you can access our Mileage Log dashboard to generate your drive reports.

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