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CarBlock Genesis Block Mining Machine

World's First CAR Token Mining Machine

  • Genesis Block Activation Code
  • Genesis Block Acceleration
  • Exclusive Mining Rights
  • Permanent Mining Power Bonus
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World's Premier, 15,000 mining power only

Genesis Block Acceleration First Week Boost

* Top limit for each account is 10ETH

Genesis Block Activation Code


Activate Genesis Block Mining Acceleration
Earn Tokens in a flash
[ See mining details ]

Permanent Mining Power Bonus


Enjoy Permanent Mining Power Bonus
Earn more CAR tokens forever

CarBlock IMO Vs Traditional ICO



Charge two high wattage devices at their swiftest speed, up to 2x faster than average car chargers.

Genesis Block Mining Machine100%

Other car charger48%

* Compared to 5V/1A charger

Powered by the

ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App

Future Transportation Data Alliance


World's First Blockchain-based Transportation Solution backed by Working Applications

Control Your Data


Through a blockchain based data market car owners can
grant businesses acces to their data with a fair reward

Reinventing automotive industry


More manufacturers, innovators, developers and service providers
will follow suit to join the CarBlock ecosystem.

Video Introduction
[ 2:34 ]



1)What does the Genesis Block Mining Machine do besides mining CAR tokens?
CarBlock Genesis Block Mining Machine is developed by CarBlock and its partner, nonda. Besides mining tokens, it is also an award-winning smart car charger, with superb charging capability, vehicle battery monitor and automatic vehicle location finder.

2)When will it be shipped?
CarBlock Genesis Block Mining Machine will be shipped around mid June, two weeks after the completion of our IMO campaign.

3)When Can I start to mine CAR tokens?
You can start to mine CAR tokens as soon as you receive the device. Genesis Block Tokens will be sent to you after one week from the date of first data upload.

4)Do I need to plug the mining machine into the car to get the token?
Yes, CarBlock mining machine is also a smart car charger, by plugging it in the car, the device would get the car battery voltage info and the location info. CarBlock will reward you with CAR tokens for uploading them.

5)Do I need to use my own car for this?
Not necessarily. We'd prefer you use your own car. In case you don't have one, you can plug it in your friend's car or any car you are in, the data uploaded is also valuable to us and you will be able to get the CAR tokens as well.

6)How long do I need to drive to count as a valid data upload?
The interval of data upload in 10 minutes, so the minimum time you need to drive with the device plugged in to count as a valid upload is 10 minutes.

7)Do I only get the Genesis Block mining acceleration for the first week? How does the mining process work after tha?
Yes, all participants of the crowd sale would get the acceleration during the first week after the device is activated and get their tokens according to the mining power when data is uploaded. After that, all mining machine holders can mine the CAR tokens based on regular mining protocol.

8)What is regular mining protocol?
CarBlock has a daily token pool of 200,000 CAR for all participants within the ecosystem. Tokens will be granted based on each individual's mining power & the amount of data uploaded. Please refer to our whitepaper for a detailed algorithm and explanation.

9)What's a permanent mining power bonus?
Everyone has a mining coefficient when it comes to calculating the daily CAR tokens reward. The coefficient will be determined by the dimension and amount of data uploaded. A permanent mining power bonus will grant you with an extra x% to your mining coefficient, so you would mine more CAR tokens during the process.

10)How can I get my tokens transferred to my wallet?
When you activate your device and finish uploading data, you will get the Genesis Block CAR tokens within the first week, and you can view the amount of CAR tokens you have on our website. According to the lockup period, you would have full control over the tokens that are vested after each time point until all tokens are fully vested.