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USB-C Foldable Adapter

Connect your USB-C device to your TV, projector, or monitor with this easy-to-use, portable adapter. Available in both HDMI and MiniDP connections.

Supports 4K Video
Compact & Foldable
Sturdy & Durable

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Supports 4K Video

Supports Ultra HD video resolutions up to 4096×2160 @60Hz.
Enjoy crisp and flicker-free video image with no lag.

Perfect for the Flexible Workspace

Everything is getting smaller, more portable and more flexible. As a result, we’ve designed the USB-C Foldable Adapter to support a flexible work style with its compact size and lightweight design.

Functional Design

Easily unfold the adapter by grabbing the head of the USB-C plug. The wrapped cable protects the adapter’s HDMI or mDP port from dust and dirt. A guideway around the adapter with a generous radius holds the cable snug and tight while maintaining its bendability.

World’s First Foldable Adapter

Easily fits in the extra space of a laptop sleeve without dangling and tangling. Comes with a foldable cable that is around 4 inches when unfurled - perfect for travelling.

Smart Indicator Light

The LED shines a subtle and continuous white light when you plug the adapter into a USB-C port, indicating that the adapter is ready to use.

Superb Durability

The adapter’s double-braided nylon cable protects against spills. Low Temperature Injection Molding technology prevents the adapter from running hot under use and extends product life span.