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Real-time Vehicle Status Monitoring
Keep tabs on your engine & tire's health with real-time alerts.
Safety Center
World’s first predictive algorithm analyzes historical engine data for potential issues, so you can stay on top of any potential issue before it actually happens.
Monitor & log your car data like a pro! Pro-dashboard allows you to monitor and log your car data(throttle, turbo, rpm, etc.)
Manage all of Your ZUS Connected Car Devices
An all-in-one experience for the ZUS Connected Car System
Automatic Car Finder
Never worry about looking for your car in a parking lot! Simply open the ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App to find your car with the map or compass.
Location Sharing
Connect to loved ones via family share so they can easily find where your car is parked with their phone.
Mileage Log
Automatically log your mileage, trip duration and savings potential for each drive. Swipe to classify business mileage for tax deductions, and easily export IRS compliance reports
Driving Behavior Analysis
Analyze and optimize your driving behavior to increase safety & fuel efficiency.