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ZUS® Smart Dash Cam

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• Crystal clear HD footage
• Automatic collision detection
• Award winning app - ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant
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The Pre-sale of the new ZUS® Smart Dash Cam has been a wild run for us with thousands of units shipped globally. We are grateful to receive great reviews and suggestions from our users and psyched to be a part of their journeys going forward.

With the successful conclusion of the Pre-sale event, we have kicked off our regular production for the new ZUS® Smart Dash Cam and they are ready for you to grab. Join thousands of drivers like you today and let us protect you and your family with a hassle-free ride for a better and safer new year.


See what our users say about ZUS Smart Dash Cam:


Dash cams are one of the most effective methods of capturing how other’s drive on the road and are increasingly more common. Whether you would like to have proof of an accident or dispute an insurance claim - dash cams are the way to go.


Taken on board the feedback given by users of other dash cams, the ZUS® Smart Dash Cam was designed with drivers in mind and has addressed the common issues that arise from using a dash cam while driving.

Large lens   Wide angle view
Auto collision detection   Never overheats
Award winning app   Durable supercapacitor


ZUS® Smart Dash Cam has one of the largest lenses of any dash cam on the market. It boasts a 140-degree wide angle lens, which means the ZUS® Smart Dash Cam is able to capture up to 3 lanes at a time!

140° wide angle lens
3 lanes coverage


Using a state-of-the-art G Sensor, the ZUS® Smart Dash Cam recognizes sudden movements, automatically begins recording and locks the footage - providing you an unedited view of what happened.

Auto incident detection & recording


Simply attach the dash cam to your windshield, connect to a power source, download the app and you are ready to go. No time consuming installation or expensive installation of a head unit - all you need is a car and a phone.


Built to withstand all types of conditions, the ZUS® Smart Dash Cam will never overheat. Its unique design allows for more efficient airflow patterns to reduce internal heat and keep the dash cam in optimal condition so it can always record you journey, even on the longest road trips.

Unique Air Flow Pattern
More Durable Supercapacitor


Designed by an award winning team, the ZUS®®Smart Dash Cam is durable, easy to use and fits perfectly in any vehicle interior.

ZUS® Family has won 3 times Red Dot Design Award
and 1 time iF Design Award.



• Smart Dash Cam x 1
• Mounting Tape x 2
• Power Cable x 1
• Electrostatic Sticker x 2
• Pry x 1
• User Manual & Warranty x 1

Not Included

• Micro SD Card (16GB ~ 64GB, class 10 or above)


Size 3.6" x 1.7" x 1.5" (91.5 mm x 43.8 mm x 38.3 mm)
Sensor Sony IMX323LQN-C
Weight 2.46 oz. (70 grams)
Operating Temperature -4°F ~ 140°F (-20℃~60℃) 
Storage Temperature -4°F ~ 158°F (-20℃~70℃)
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Video resolution Max. 1920 x 1080 pixels; 30FPS
Visual Angle 140 degree
Aperture F/1.8
TF (Micro SD) Card 16GB to 64GB (Class 10)
Sound Recording Supported
Input Voltage 5V/1A (Max)


Free shipping for all US and flat rate shipping for all international users. Please note that if you're located overseas, you may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees (i.e. VAT/GST).


nonda exists to provide smart solutions that make daily life easier for everyone. We believe in the promise of app-enabled devices to improve the lives of people everywhere, including those of car drivers around the world. With our industry-leading connected car devices and app experience, we’re currently bringing convenience and safety benefits of the connected car to drivers of every kind of car, all at an accessible price point.

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What is the ZUS® Smart Dash Cam?
ZUS® Smart Dash Cam is a new member of the ZUS® Connected Car System. It’s an in-car camera which is capable of continuously recording 1080p HD video in all light conditions for the front view.

When Will I receive the product?
Expected US Shipping date November 26, 2018 while all others November 30, 2018. First Come First Serve!

What’ll you get if you place the order right now at nonda?
In addition to the standard package contents, we’re providing complimentary (1) 32g Micro SD card and (1) ZUS® Super Duty Cable for each ZUS® Smart Dash Cam you purchase with no extra charge for a limited time

What is your warranty policy?
nonda warrants that your nonda hardware product (the “Product") will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. 

Do I have to pay VAT/GST?
Yes, customers are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient.

What devices is the app compatible with?
The app is compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with iOS 8 or later and Android 4.3 or later with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.

What payment options do I have?
You can pay via credit card, Paypal and Apple Pay. Select the deal that works for you and you'll see the available payment methods at checkout.

How to hide the power cable of ZUS Smart Dash Cam?
With the help of the spy included in the package, you can run it under the roof cover, then go through the A-pillar and connect it to the USB port under the dashboard.

Does the app allow pairing of 2 cameras for both front and rear recording?
Yes. You can just add 2 or more virtual vehicles in the ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App to connect more ZUS Smart Dash Cam.

Hi, do you ship from Germany or another European country because of VAT and Import fee?
For orders from European countries, orders will be fulfilled directly from our warehouse located in Germany or UK. You won’t be charged the VAT but this has to be decided by the destination countries. You do need to pay the VAT if there’s any.

Does the ZUS Smart Dash Cam have the following features ?
1. Loop recording
2. Auto start recording when engine is started
3. Clear recording in low light conditions and at night?

1. Yes. The recording is looping and the oldest footage will be overwritten by the latest one if the memory storage is full, with the exception of emergency recording, which will always be kept. 2. The ZUS Smart Dash Cam will automatically start to record once the engine is started. 3. The ZUS Smart Dash Cam will give you 1080P crystal HD footage both in the broad daylight and the low light conditions.  

Can the ZUS Smart Dash Cam record audio as well?
Yes. It’s off in default but you can turn it on in ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App.

Can I download the video from the Micro SD Card onto my PC and watch using VLC or other?
Yes. You can download the videos through the ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App or simply copy them directly from Micro SD card onto your PC and watch using any video player that supports MP4 format.

Does it have date and time stamp on video?
Yes. There will be date and time stamp on video.

Will the ZUS Smart Dash Cam continue to work after the engine is off?
Continuous power supply is required by ZUS Smart Dash Cam and it will turn off once the engine is off unless you’re using other power source is provided.

Will the device function below -20°c? Canadian winters always have a few days that are as low as -30°c or lower.
The operating temperature range is from -4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C). It’s suggested that you turn on the in-car air conditioner, and the unique design of ZUS Smart Dash Cam allows for more efficient airflow patterns to reduce internal heat and keep the dash cam in optimal condition.

Nov 26, 2018
"We’re glad to inform you that the shipping of ZUS Smart Dash Cam has started today. For the US orders, you can expect to receive them in 3-10 business days, and for the orders from other regions, the shipping will start later this month. "
Nov. 14, 2018
"ZUS Smart Dash Cam are on their way to our warehouse and will begin shipping on Nov 26 for US orders with international orders following closely behind."
Nov. 8, 2018
"Wow! We are so ecstatic to see the interest in our newest ZUS Smart Dash Cam. Sales have been through the roof and we can't wait for everyone to try them! For those still interested in purchasing please hurry, as our free gifts are running out quickly!"


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