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Smart Tire Safety Monitor (Prime Day Special)

- Real-time Alerts
- Slow Leak Detection
- Save on Fuel
- Self-install in 10 Minutes

R. Bellus
I’m lazy. I should check tire pressure more often than I have in the past. With ZUS, I check all four tires every time I start to drive. I also leave the app in the background on my phone in case I start to hear funny noises - one look at the app and nope, tires are good.


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Self-Install in 10 Minutes

Plug in the receiver


Pair with ZUS app


Fasten sensors

Save on Fuel

Save up to 11 cents per gallon with properly inflated tires.

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Reversible USB Charging Port

Connect the receiver to a USB car charger and then charge up your mobile devices through the receiver’s reversible USB charging port. This way, you never lose a charging port.

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Next Generation German Sensor

  1. Long Lasting Battery
  2. Highly Integrated PCBA with Pressure & Temp Sensors
  3. Metal Base with Antenna

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Sensor Locking System

Unscrew the Valve Cap


Screw on Anti-theft Nut


Screw the Sensor


Tighten Anti-theft Nut

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Boost Driving Safety

Real-time alerts warn you of tire pressure issues to prevent dangerous blowouts.

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Slow Leak Detection

First ever slow leak detection powered by our proprietary AccurateTemp® Algorithm.

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Track Individual Tire History

View individual tire pressures (as PSI/kPa/Bar) and temperatures (°F/°C) directly on your smartphone.

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Package Includes

ZUS® Smart Tire Safety Monitor
Screw-on Valve Cap Sensor * 4
Anti-theft Nut * 4
Wrench * 1

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