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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

- Reads All Engine Error Codes
- Monitor Engine Data in Real-time
- Comes with Top-rated iOS & Android App (Free)
- Save $1,000+ in costly car repairs


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Know More, Worry Less & Enjoy Your Rides

Like you, we love to drive with confidence and be in the know if there’s a problem with the car. That’s why we made our ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini - a tech gadget that monitors your vehicle health in real-time, reads all the engine codes, and alerts you before things go wrong.
Simply Plug It In & Pair with the Free ZUS app
ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is designed to be easily installed & used - just plug it into your car’s OBD II port and you are ready to go.
Start Monitoring and Logging Your Engine Data in Real-time
View all important engine data through the pro-dashboard in ZUS Smart Driving Assistant app. Know exactly how your vehicle is performing during the ride.
Get Instant Alert when Something is Wrong
ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini scans and detects all engine error codes and will alert you when there’s a vehicle problem with specific description.
Save Time & Money through Innovative Technology
ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is not your average vehicle code reader, we use innovative technology and proprietary algorithm to help you save precious time and money.
Clear Error Codes
Decode engine error codes, which normally costs a $100 trip to the mechanic.
Driving Behavior Analysis
Become a better driver by following the real-time driving dashboard to get a quick view of your driving habits from hard brakes to idling.
Automatic Car Finder
Never worry about finding your car in a parking lot anymore. Simply open the ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant App to find your car with the map or compass.
Mileage Log
Automatically log your mileage, trip duration and savings potential for each drive. Swipe to classify business drives for tax deductions and easily export IRS compliant reports. Save as much as $5,000 in annual tax deductions.
Trusted by over 300,000 Users
To date, over 300,000 users have claimed and benefited from using our ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini. By putting more units to the hands of drivers like you, we will bring a safer & better ride for everyone on the road.

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