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“Its value comes in how it automates the task of saving a parking location, combine that with its fast-charging ports and good design, it is certainly a step above most USB car chargers.”

“It found my car every time, logged my parking time and told me which direction to walk in to get to my car. All in all, I loved this device.”

“If you like high-style and drive a nice car, if you frequently need more than one charging port, or often find yourself aimlessly circling a huge and unfamiliar parking lot, then the ZUS could be the charger for you.”

“No more searching parking lots for hours, and no more running out of phone battery when you get there. You are totally, technically covered.”

"While going over the specifications we immediately spot that it not only offers 4.8A of power, which would offer plenty of power two charge two devices at once, but it also is rated for extremely high temperatures by TÜV SÜD which ensures great durability."

"With a power output of 4.8A it offers a significantly more power than the regular competition which offers 2.1A."

"The ZUS Car Charger offers two of those high power usb-ports and it doesn’t matter how you plug in the cable, it works in every way. And to top it off: it looks and feels pretty nice as well."