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Helping people save on car expenses

  • 1.2M

    ZUS App

  • 18.4M

    Error Codes
    Cleared for Free

  • 4,200

    DIY Videos

  • $68M

    Direct Savings

  • 650M

    Mileage Logged

  • Easily Earn Real Cash Rewards

    - Receive real cash rewards via nonda Bucks simply by driving with the ZUS app.

    - Withdraw or redeem your bucks to put more money in your pocket.

  • Save Thousands on Car Repair

    - 3,000+ Auto Repair DIY video tutorials to help you fix car yourself.

    - Clear Engine Error Codes for FREE.

  • Never pay more on Car Insurance

    - Reduce your annual insurance cost by up to $960.

    - Switch and save by simply clicking a button with all paperwork done by us for you (coming soon).

  • Save More on Car Expenses with the ZUS Devices

    - Claim Your ZUS devices with nonda Bucks for FREE.

    - Save more on car expenses with ZUS mileage log, driving optimization & more.

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Ratings and Reviews
4.7 out of 5
Duke Hutcherson

love the tech, system is easy to use and understand, takes alot of the worry out of repairs and expenses. know what your walking into before talking to your local mechanic!!

David Dehope

Love it. peace of mind.. easy to use & understand. reliable find your issues is a snap. no longer have to trust the word of a mechanic. be prepared & ready... can't wait to save up to buy the other awesome gadgets... Thank You....Zus..

Cool app

This is a neat little service. I have a 16 prius and wanted to monitor my engine. The app always shows me where my car is parked to pinpoint accuracy. You can also track mileage on here for your taxes. The app is free to use once you buy the device too, unlike other similar apps that charge a monthly subscription fee.

Daniel Lyons

Honestly, I thought it was too good to be true. I originally saw this product on Instagram for free so that was a red flag already, but I trusted the thousands of people in the comments and purchased a smart sensor(for 14$!, originally 60!) It does everything it says it can, an awesome product! Thanks Nonda!