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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini (Gen 4)

- #1 OBD2 Scanner & Car Code Reader
- Read & Clear Check Engine Light to save $150+
- Error Code Diagnosis & Self-Repair Guide to save $1,000+
- Free Mileage Log Feature to save up to $5,000
- Supports iOS & Android via Bluetooth 4.2

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Simply Plug It In & Play

ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is designed to be easily installed & used - just plug it into your car’s OBD II port and you are ready to go.
car scanner
car code scanner

Clear OBD2 Codes

Clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC Codes), which normally costs $150+ from the mechanic.
mileage log

Mileage Log

Automatically log your mileage, trip duration, and savings potential for each drive. Easily export IRS compliant reports and save as much as $5,000 in annual tax deductions.
car finder

Error Code & Self-Repair Guide

Each engine error code comes with a full diagnosis and easy self-repair guide, so you can fix them yourself and save $1,000+ on costly repairs.
obd reader

Engine Health Monitor

Keep tabs on your engine health with real-time alerts. Scan the car and read OBD2 codes whenever the check engine light pops up.
obd2 code reader

Safety Center

Automatically track historical OBD2 codes. World’s first predictive algorithm analyzes historical engine data for potential issues.
driving behavior

Driving Behavior Analysis

Become a better driver and save on gas by following the real-time driving dashboard to get a quick view of your driving habits.
obd2 scanner bluetooth

Pro Dashboard

Monitor and log your car data like a pro.
mileage log

Automatic Car Finder

Never worry about finding your car in a parking lot anymore. Simply open the ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant App to find your car with the map or compass.
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Ratings and Reviews
4.6 out of 5 2.1k Ratings
TheRealTB, 9/15/2020
Astonishing Product!

Personally I would like to say. Wow! What a product. The live Data, The Accuracy and easy to use. Well done and Thank you.. Finally a company that cares. I understand some of the other accessories you can buy. But just with the options you have to learn about your vehicle is outstanding! With that said.

Gamewhale69, 9/23/2020
Bought off of Instagram

This is a neat little service. I have a 16 prius and wanted to monitor my engine. The app always shows me where my car is parked to pinpoint accuracy. You can also track mileage on here for your taxes. The app is free to use once you buy the device too, unlike other similar apps that charge a monthly subscription fee.

Noel's, 9/24/2020
Essential product and service

The products are excellent for automotive motoring health. Easy to use. The company is community sensitive. The customer service is excellent and responsive. Someone will always get back with you promptly.

Screech8, 9/28/2020
Cool app and OBDII reader...

I got the OBD2 reader through the Facebook ad for free. I don’t know much about cars but it really helped me as I just got a used car and this helped me with engine lights that came on and it helps me as it gives me real time RPM and speed readings..


    Why are you giving away this device for free?
    Market research shows that old vehicles have much higher fatality rate than new ones. As the leading connected car company in the US, nonda is committed to protecting people's journey behind the wheel through innovative products and technology. To deliver our social commitment and growing our business at the same time, we've decided to give away 2,000,000 FREE nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitors to boost your driving safety.
    Would the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor drain my vehicle battery?
    All Vehicles' OBD II ports have constant power supply even if the engine is turned off. No matter what OBD II adapter you are using, it'll drain your vehicle battery eventually if you don't drive for a long time;
    Our New Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Lite is the smallest one in the market and only requires 5-8mA of power to run. It is 100% safe to leave it plugged in if you drive your car frequently. However, we highly recommend that you unplug this device if you won't drive your vehicle for a long time, just like you'll unplug all appliances when you leave home for long vacations.
    Do I need to pay shipping for the free device?
    Yes you do.
    We use USPS first-class package shipping for US orders and standard postage package mail for international ones. You only need to pay the same amount of what our shipping provider charges us.
    Is there any hidden fees in using the device?
    No, there isn’t.
    After you receive the free smart vehicle health monitor, you can download our free ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App and start to use it simply by pairing the device with the app. All the functions mentioned above are 100% free with no catch.
    Will you collect my vehicle data, and what will you do about it?
    We'd only collect your engine and trip data with your consent. All data collected will be solely used to enhance your driving safety and experience without any privacy breaching. nonda is a GDPA and CCPA compliant entity.
    Can I add multiple ZUS Vehicle Health Monitor Mini device under the same nonda account?
    No. If you create multiple car profiles under the same nonda account and add several device to each of them, it will cause connection issue in the ZUS app. So we strongly DON'T recommend adding multiple ZUS Vehicle Health Monitor Mini device under the same nonda account.