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4 Hacks to Get Your Car Ready for College

So you are headed off to college? This is a big moment. Picking classes and setting up your dorm room is probably at the top of your list. However, have you considered your car? Making sure your car is in tip-top shape before you head off school can save you time and headaches. So, here are a few hacks to get you ready!

Deep Clean it

It’s time to give your car a major deep cleaning! Start by throwing out trash or items you don’t need, and do not forget to check your trunk. Once you’ve thrown out the trash, empty everything else out of your car and vacuum everything. Extra points if you get under the seats and all the little crevices around your console and cup holders. 

person cleaning car dashboard

Be sure you also use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your dash glove compartment, inner doors, and anything else that looks dusty. Once this is all done, evaluate what you need in your car and pick good places to put those items. Don’t leave anything loose in your car and buy containers to fit anything that you need to keep in the car. Make sure all items have homes. Be sure to maintain this cleanliness, and take the trash out of your car at least once a week after this.

Get it Serviced

Getting your car serviced regularly is so important. Even if you do this on a schedule, be sure to take it in to have everything checked, especially if your school is far away, and you’ll be road-tripping there. Make sure all necessary repairs and maintenance are taken care of, and set reminders on your phone for when you need to take your car in next.

Install an OBD2 Monitor

Have you heard of an OBD2 monitor? If you have not, prepare to be wowed! This awesome device hooks into your car and analyzes the health of your engine. It can also make predictions, and it connects to your phone! So, if something is wrong with your car, you’ll be able to look at your phone and see all the important information you need to evaluate the overall health of it. That way, you can take it in to be fixed as needed without having to pay extra for diagnostic tests.

Sign up for Roadside Assistance

When you’re far from home, and you’re not sure how to change a flat tire or what to do if your car won’t start, consider signing up for roadside assistance. Many companies offer this as part of your insurance, or there are auto clubs that offer this service for a yearly fee. It’s just nice to have peace of mind that if your car gets into trouble, you have someone to call and help you.

 roadside assistance cartoon

College can be one of the best times of your life! So, make sure your car doesn’t drag you down and take care of it before and during your college experience for a smooth ride.

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