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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

CES is a wrap, and what a whirlwind it was for team nonda

Supported by a dedicated crew representing nonda’s teams in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia, our mission was a simple one: to preview our vision of what 2017 and beyond has in store for nonda, specifically around the concept of the consumer connected car.

In the weeks leading up to CES, we hosted a webinar and published a number of deep-dive materials, including a white paper, on our vision of connected car technology and why we believe that a modular and accessible approach provides a compelling alternative to manufacturer embedded systems.  Those materials can be seen at our media page, and we encourage our fans to check them out.

Our presence at CES in many ways reinforced and validated our dedication to following this path. As we interacted with media, customers, resellers, and thought leaders alike – and even had the opportunity to pitch our core value proposition, we learned that sometimes the right concept, at the right time, offered at the right price point, can make all the difference.  Among the countless high-profile launch events in Las Vegas last week, we found that we had a compelling story around who we are, what we make, and why it’s so relevant in today’s emerging market of app-enabled devices. Put simply, we were among the few that offered a glimpse of tomorrow and made it available today.

Without further ado, here’s what we previewed at CES and what you can expect to see from us in the months ahead:

  • A Qualcomm QuickCharge version of Nonda’s already popular ZUS Smart Car Charger, as well as a special carbon fiber edition
  • The ZUS Carbon Fiber Cable that is even stronger and more durable than the already impressive ZUS Super Duty Cable already on market
  • The ZUS Smart Tire Sensor that installs in seconds by simply screwing onto a tire’s valve stem in place of the valve stem cap and continually monitors a car’s tire pressures to warn of leaks or underinflation that substantially reduces gas mileage
  • The ZUS Smart Backup Sensor that takes the place of a traditional license plate frame and provides both an audible and visual alert of proximity to objects when reversing, without any hardwiring needed.
  • The ZUS Smart Car Mount that offers hands-free mobile smart phone connectivity, including streaming audio, through your car’s existing stereo system

We are excited about what 2017 holds for nonda and with the fond memories of both old friends and new from Las Vegas, we are already working at a feverish pace to bring you the quality, design, and speed-to-market that you have already come to expect from nonda.


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