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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

How an OBD2 Monitor Pays for Itself

check engine light

The dreaded check engine light. We have all been there, that sinking feeling in your stomach when that orange glow appears on your car's dashboard.  Why does it seem like this little light, these problems never come up when you’re flush with cash? It’s always at the most inconvenient of times. How much money is this going to cost? How bad is it? Will I make it worse if I keep driving? Will it be okay until my next oil change? These are all the questions that spring to mind the minute we see this warning. 

This is where the OBD2 monitor comes in.  Before rushing off to your mechanic and paying yet another diagnostic fee, you can quickly plug this simple, ergonomic device into your car’s ODB II port and have all of the information you could possibly need to diagnose the problem. From RPM, speed and crank this device is going to monitor it all for you. 

For us car maintenance novices, the OBD2 monitor takes all of the guessings out of how to check your car computer. Once you plug this device in, it immediately scans the health of your car while checking over 40 different common problems that can arise in your car. It can find anything from timing belt wear and tear warnings to something as simple as a faulty or loose fuel cap. The ODB2 fuel monitor will pay for itself in never having an emergency mechanic visit again. 

Not only will this monitor help you figure out what is wrong with your car, but it can also help you monitor and predict upcoming maintenance issues with your car. As you drive your vehicle, the ODB2 monitor continues to collect data from your car, assessing your vehicle's health and efficiency. 

With the sleek, easy to use ZUS app, you will be able to assess what it is your car needs and gather information on how to best serve your vehicle’s engine, among other areas in your vehicle’s internal systems. The app will also help give you possible causes, as well as solutions to the problem you are incurring, giving you peace of mind instantly and a direction to take in getting your car back into working order. Or help you to maintain your vehicle's health. 

Another money-saving feature of this smart compact device is you will be able to clear your vehicle's computer monitor after minor issues pop up. No more paying a service fee for a light being turned off. You can do it yourself at your convenience. 

With this device in your vehicle, you can hit the road with an ease of mind you have never had. You are now more in control of your vehicle's health than ever before. You also will have more money in your pocket and spend less time in those chairs at your mechanic’s office, flipping through old hot rod magazines. Take this monitor with you wherever ago and never play the check engine guessing game again.

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