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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

Meet the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor - Launching Today!


The past few years have been a crazy journey here at nonda. We started with a simple mission to bring today’s technology to yesterday’s cars. We have continually worked to innovate and create the highest quality connected car devices to consumers around the world.

Today is a special day, we have officially launched our newest member of the ZUS Connected family, our ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor.

The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor is an easy-to-install tire pressure monitoring system that comes with a dedicated app to keep you and your family safe from tire failures and dangerous blowouts. It monitors your tire pressure and temperature in real-time to know exactly when you need to add more air.

To learn more about the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor, you can check out this video or head to our Indiegogo page and take advantage of our pre-order discounts!

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