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When A Dash Cam Is A Good Idea (And How to Use It)

Dash cams, or cameras that record video and sound that go on your car's dashboard, are becoming increasingly popular in today's world. Recording the images and sounds of what happens near your vehicle offers numerous benefits in terms of safety, legal protection and even creative endeavors.

Here are a few instances in which a good dash cam or wireless backup camera can come in handy:

When you're in an accident

car crash

Being in an accident is scary, and it can often cause you to lose a grip on your senses for a few moments. Having physical, video evidence of what happened can help protect you in terms of liability and expensive repairs.

If an accident does occur, let all parties involved know you have a dash cam and will submit its recordings with any necessary claims.

Some insurance companies may accept dash cam footage when trying to prove you’re not at fault in an accident. If your claim becomes a dispute, it’s always better to have more evidence than less.

When you're teaching your kids how to drive

teaching driving

Dash cams are perfect for monitoring your child's driving abilities. It's set-up to offer a point-of-view look at what your young driver sees and can be valuable in later teaching moments. If your driver says they were confused by a roundabout they encountered, for example, it's easy for you to pull the video and demonstrate what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they can do in future instances.

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Plus, If you're worried about them speeding or driving irresponsibly, simply installing a camera will encourage them to remain safe at all times.

Finally, a dash cam can help prevent a less-experienced driver from being taken advantage of in case there is ever an accident.

When you want to look back on your road trip

road trip

On a much less serious note, a dash cam is a great way to preserve precious memories of road trips. Those beautiful vistas can be recorded for later use in compilations, music videos, social media postings and much more.

Once you have a dash cam, installing and using it is a quick and simple process. Here's how to get started.

dash cam

First, make sure you have a 32G SD card to put into your dashcam. Then, turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and enable location services. Pair the dashcam to your phone as you would any other device.

Once it's properly paired, plug in the cam's USB power cable where you plug in your phone charger and attach the camera to the back of your rearview mirror in the center of your dashboard. Turn on your vehicle's engine and follow the steps prompted by the ZUS Smart Dash Cam. A single click on the Dash Cam's LED button. Once it turns blue, it's on.

You'll then need to follow the app to find Dash Cam's Wi-Fi in your phone settings and enter the password provided.

Finally, adjust the Dash Cam angle by the live screen to finish the pairing. You're now ready to go.

If you have any issues, visit the FAQ for more information. 

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