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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor Packs More Features

There are approximately 8% of U.S. workers, that’s 10.8 million people, who drive at least an hour each way for work. Among these people are the road warriors who drive even more extensively for work and have the need to know the status and health of all parts of their car.

As a traveling salesman who is on the road for many hours of the week, Justin says that understanding his car is incredibly important to him. When he’s traveling to and from customer appointments, he always wants to make sure that his car is in tip top shape for the commute. He quickly discovered that the pre-installed tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in his car only tells him that there is a tire pressure issue but doesn’t provide him with adequate information like which tire is causing the problem. With that, he’s tried out many different tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) already on the market to make sure his car has the right tire pressures.

zus smart tire monitor sensor

"I would say that in a week I usually rack up about 300 miles for work just going to and from various customer appointments, so tire pressure is always top of mind for me. The TPMS products currently on the market isn’t able to tell me about slow leaks, something that’s really important to me when I’m driving at 75mph and trying to get to an appointment. Since I’m always on the road, it really gives me peace of mind knowing that the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor is always tracking my tire pressure, looking out for me and ready to tell me if I ever have a slow leak. Actually, now every time I start my car I quickly glance over at the ZUS STSM receiver to make sure everything is alright with my tires." - Justin C., 42

About the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

nonda’s Smart Tire Safety Monitor comes equipped with next-generation German sensors that monitor tire pressure and temperature. Most importantly, our proprietary AccurateTemp Algorithm continually analyzes sensor data to detect tire safety issues. The advanced data mining technology makes our product the only device on the market that can detect slow leaks.

Learn more about the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor on our Indiegogo campaign.

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