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nonda Launches A Next Generation Smart Tire Safety Device

nonda’s ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor Provides A Feature-Rich, More Affordable Alternative to Factory-Installed Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (June 6, 2017) – nonda, a Silicon Valley company on a mission to bring today’s technology to yesterday’s car, launched the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor (ZUS STSM) to help monitor tires in real-time and prevent dangerous blowouts. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor is now available for preorder through an Indiegogo campaign. This is the latest release from the ZUS line of connected car products. 

While tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are required in all US-sold or manufactured vehicles after 2007, most standard tire sensor technology is indirect - unable to provide actual tire pressure readings or indicate which tires have a problem. Getting a direct TPMS installed at a dealership can cost upwards of $599. Even though TPMS is required by law, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted that 1 in 4 cars on the road has at least one underinflated tire and those with underinflated tires are 300% more likely to get into a crash.

Powered by next-generation German sensors, nonda has built a state-of-the-art tire safety monitoring system. These sensors can monitor both pressure and temperature to eliminate the dangers of driving on underinflated tires. More importantly, nonda’s proprietary AccurateTemp algorithm continuously analyzes sensor data and alerts the driver to any safety issues. This advanced data mining technology makes it the only device on the market that can accurately detect slow leaks and help drivers avoid dangerous situations before they occur.

Key benefits include:

Beyond providing superior technology, the ZUS STSM is also built for anyone to use. With a 3-step, 10-minute installation process, the product doesn’t require a trip to the mechanic for installation or expensive wheel re-balancing.

“Advanced tire safety monitoring is often reserved for luxury cars. Unfortunately, the average driver is unaware that their basic factory-installed tire monitoring system is not keeping them safe.” said Joseph Yuan, CEO, nonda US. “The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor boosts safety, increases fuel economy and offers drivers advanced technology at an affordable price.”

The Indiegogo campaign will run all of June, and backers will have the opportunity to pre-order the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor starting at $97 for Super Early Birds (retails at $119.99). Units are scheduled to ship in August 2017, and the product will also be available for retail purchase via nonda’s direct website and in retailers such as Fry’s and Micro Center.


About nonda:

Founded in Palo Alto, CA, nonda leads the market in offering premium connected car devices that are simple to use and accessible to everyone. nonda is improving convenience and safety for drivers everywhere with its flagship ZUS Connected Car family of smart IoT devices that integrate through one app. In 2015, nonda won "Fastest Growing Startup" and "Top 10 Smart Hardware” awards, and in 2016, two of nonda's products won prestigious iF & Red Dot design awards.

For more information about nonda, please visit: http://www.nonda.co.