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Thank You, Be Safe
nonda Community Support Program
Two months ago, we started our community support program offering zero-margin masks and other PPEs to help our users fight against COVID-19. After spending tons of effort and shipping out millions of PPEs for tens of thousands of nonda users, our community support program has served its purpose and is now officially ended.
nonda Community Support Program
We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to all nonda users who’ve sent us thank you notes and emails, those kind words really made us believe that our hard work is worthy. We also like to show our gratitude towards all nonda community members who have trusted us and ordered PPEs to protect their family, and contributed to the containment of the virus within the community.
nonda Community Support Program
nonda Community Support Program
However, the pandemic isn’t over yet, please still keep your social distance and wear a mask when in public. We’ll have a small dedicated team for the COVID-19 relief program going forward and continue to help our users in need. If you still have any needs for PPEs, please don’t hesitate to write us at Kevin@nonda.us

nonda COVID-19 Community Support Team

US Team

Alex, Joseph, Kevin,
Ivan, Justin, Vu

Supply Chain & Logistic

Sammie, Kui, Ora,
Rebecca, Li

Tech & Support

York, Tom, Sensen