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Charge at Max Speed

Charge two high wattage devices at their swiftest speeds, up to 2x faster than average car chargers.

Reversible USB Ports

Plug your charging cable in either direction.

Titanium Coating

Custom-designed connectors are coated in titanium for enhanced conductivity.

German Bayer Material

Made from premium German Bayer polycarbonate, the ZUS® Smart Car Charger is capable of withstanding extremely hot weather.


Military Grade Quality

The ZUS® Smart Car Charger is two times more durable than regular chargers and is the only car charger to meet U.S. military standard (MIL-STD-810G).

Car Battery Health Monitor

Monitor your car battery health and avoid the hassle of a drained battery. Identify potential issues by tracking voltage over time and get alerts whenever a battery check is recommended.

Automatic Car Finder

The ZUS® Smart Driving Assistant App automatically saves your parking location. Simply open the ZUS® app to find your car with the map or compass.

Mileage Log

Automatically log your mileage, trip duration and savings potential for each drive. Swipe to classify business drives for tax deductions and easily export IRS compliant reports. Save as much as $5000 in annual tax deductions.

Parking Location Share

Skip the complex instructions. Connect to loved ones via family share and they can easily find where your car is parked with their phone.

Parking Time Alarm

Prevent parking tickets by tracking the time left on the meter. Easily set a parking timer to alert you 10 minutes before time runs out.