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Order Eligibility Expanded and Canada Availability Explained

Below are some updates & explanations about our recent changes.

1) Pre-order opens to friends & families for all

We removed the order limit for families & friends yesterday in response to the increasing demand from our community. However, it brought up some confusion. So we’d like to explain it further. To simplify the process, we removed the eligibility check process, all nonda users’ friends & families can pre-order directly at the PPE page by using their email now, but we still have rules here:

EACH email address or shipping address only allowed to place one order for ONE pack of 200 masks with a $39.1 shipping fee for the following reasons.

1. Avoid bad actor mass ordering and reselling them to make a profit. We want to help as many people as possible.

2. 200 masks are the maximum quantity that can be put into a standard DHL global express bag, which is the most economic choice for shipping.

We are doing our best to help the community from the bottom of our heart and we do hope it’ll pay off eventually to see that everyone is safe and sound during this critical time.


2) Canada is available for pre-ordering again

We’ve got a couple of cases with masks shipments being rejected by some Canadian users due to customs duty. These incidents have caused a tremendous financial loss on our end given we didn’t make any profit with this program, plus those packs of masks were wasted which could’ve saved other people’s lives. That’s why we removed Canada from our shipping list yesterday. Since then, we got hundreds of emails from nonda Canadian users asking to enable Canada shipment.

After serious discussion, we decided to set Canada back on today.

All Canadian users, please note that we are taking risks to offer help here. It is not nonda who charges you high customs duty but the Canadian government. For each shipment you reject or cancel after shipping is arranged, you cost another person’s chance to get the masks in time. Not to mention the financial loss to nonda since we are running this program at zero-margin.

All Canadian users, before ordering, please pay attention to the Canadian custom rules here: By Canadian custom regulation, any shipment from overseas with a value exceeding $15, customs duty will be charged by the Canadian Government once your shipment arrives and you are responsible for that. For a pack of 200 piece masks, the fees may vary from 39-50 CAD.

Please be aware before placing the order.


See update on how we screen the best face mask manufacturer for our users here. For the entire timeline, please check the covid19 page or see a list of blogs here.

We are working hard to make sure nonda users can get what they need. More updates will be announced and we will email all users involved. Hope we can help our community to stay safe against COVID-19

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