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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

4 Road Trip Must-Haves

Family Road Trip

The road trip season is upon us again. As spring break and summer vacations quickly approaching, it is time to prepare to hit the road with family or friends.

In the old days, you would grab a paper map, a camera, and plenty of snacks for the long drive. However, new advancements in technology have changed the equipment that we grab when setting off on a road trip. While you can choose to do your trip without the comforts of modern gadgets, it's much easier (and safer) to pack a few with you. The following must-haves will not only help you to enjoy your trip to the max but also keep everyone on the trip safe.

1. ZUS Smart Car Charger

Having a cell phone and device charger is one of the most important things you can bring with you on a road trip. If the kids are watching shows on a tablet or your phone, you'll want something to charge it up for the next day's adventure. This smart car charger is elegant, efficient and best of all, fast. 

car charger

The device is equipped with advanced detection technology allowing you to get the same quality of charge for your Android phone and iPhone. As a high-speed car charger, it can charge two devices simultaneously at twice the speed of normal car chargers. And for the road trips to places you're not familiar with, the charger will save your car’s parked location automatically. You can find your car by opening up the Zus Smart Driving Assistant app, and it will direct you to your parked car.

2. Cocoon Grid-It

This little kit is a staple if you love your gadgets. Especially when you're crowded in a car for road trips, you'll want to keep everything compact and stored neatly. The elastic bands inside the kit are customizable to fit your unique gadgets and things as space-efficiently as possible. 

3. Front Gate LED Emergency Baton/Road Flare

Getting into an emergency situation is never planned, but should always be planned for. Whether you have a flat tire or an accident, having a visible LED road flare can help draw attention to your car pulled over so no other serious accidents will happen. There are lots of different LED flares, so make sure you choose one that fits your budget and needs. And don't forget to pack extra batteries. 

4. Vehicle Health Monitor

vehicle health monitor

Even though your car has been running without a hitch around town, when you get out on the highway and drive for hours on end, things can go wrong. It's a good idea to have a vehicle health monitor plugged into your car so you can be alerted to any problems in real-time. This also works inside the Zus Smart Driving Assistant app, which is free on both Apple and Google stores. You'll be alerted if something is wrong with your engine, your battery, tire temperature and more.


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