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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

7 Great Gifts for Your Tech-Savvy Friends

Tech-savvy friends make the world go ‘round. They do everything from helping you set up your new TV to troubleshooting your smartwatch when it’s just not working. It’s time to say thank you, and show your appreciation by getting your friend an awesome Christmas gift. Not sure what to get? Here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

obd2 scanner

The average person spends what amounts to 18 days per year in their car. That’s just over two weeks! You want to make sure that your car is running well. Take the guesswork out of your trouble codes in your car. Purchase the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor to connect to your car. Our OBDII Monitor runs checks on 40 different items in your car and lets you know when there is something that needs to be fixed. You can be ahead of your car maintenance and repairs.

Car Key Finder

car key finder

Does your friend lose things a lot? Have they ever lost something and wished they could track it from their phone? Or have they ever lost their phone, when they’re home alone, and they don’t have any way to call it? If so, Zus® Car Key Finder is the perfect gift. This is a small triangle apparatus that you can attach to your keys, stick in your wallet, or even attach to your child’s favorite stuffed animal. If you misplace something that has our car key finder attached to it, you can simply track its location from your phone. It’s that simple! Also, if you’ve misplaced your phone, but you happen to have your keys or wallet with a tile attached to them, you can simply push the button on the car key finder to make your phone make noise.

AirPod Pros

woman listening to music with airpods

The AirPod Pros are sure to be a hot item this holiday season. They are the brand new Bluetooth headphones from Apple that are supposed to cancel out noise. If your friend is an Apple junkie, this might be the perfect gift for them. 

Nest Thermostat

nest thermostat

Nest is an awesome gift because it allows users to control the temperature of their house right from their phone. It’s also a learning device. So, it learns how you like the temperature and how your home heats so that it can make sure your house is always the perfect temperature. It even watches the weather so it can better heat and cool your house, as well. It can also help you save on your heating bill!

Ring Doorbell

Is your friend big on safety? If so, a Ring Doorbell is a great gift. The doorbell monitors the front door and allows you to answer motion or doorbell rings without even opening the door. You can talk to people through the camera. So, you can better monitor deliveries to your home, activity in front of your house, and you can even deter thieves. It’s a great gadget to have if your friend isn’t home a lot, or if they are home a lot, and they just don’t like answering their door to strangers.

Ring Floodlight

Another Ring product, but it’s also a great one! This is a camera/siren/floodlight combination. So, if it senses motion, the lights will turn on, you can view what’s happening on your phone, you can speak to anyone who’s there, and you can even make a siren go off if needed. So, if your friend likes to monitor the areas around the outside of their house, this is a great gift!


Does your friend love to watch shows? The Roku is the gift for them! Roku allows you to connect a small device to your TV, and stream TV apps. So, you can watch things like Netflix, Apple TV, or the brand new Disney+ without having a smart TV. You can also stream free channels, and control the TV from a single remote. It’s a great gift for any TV lover!

No matter what you decide to get your friend, a thank you and the promise to maybe not call them at midnight about a broken device, might be a good enough gift.

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