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What Do You Get A New Driver For Christmas?

christmas gift

So you have a new driver that you need to buy a gift for this holiday season? If they have recently gotten their license, they’ve probably got driving on the mind! Starting to drive and getting a car are big rites of passage. So celebrate in style with some great gifts for their new wheels.

Air Fresheners

car air freshener clip

There are so many different kinds of air fresheners. A few favorites include Little TreesFebreze vent clips, and  Bath and Body Works’ variety of holders and scents. If you decide to go the Little Tree route, they work great and there are many scents to choose from. However, they all look like a little tree. So make sure to take into account if that will bother the person you are gifting it to. 

If your new driver prefers something subtle, Febreze vent clips might be just the thing for them. If they prefer a little more personalization, Bath and Body Works offers many different kinds of freshener holders and scents. No matter what you decide, any air freshener makes a great stocking stuffer!

Car Vacuum

woman cleaning vehicle with car vacuum

This is not as common of an idea, but it’s a great one. The Fun, Cheap, or Free blog’s creator, Jordan Page, mentioned in a post how much she loves having a car vacuum. While your new driver probably isn’t cleaning up after six kiddos, most drivers enjoy a snack in their car every once in a while—which means crumbs. Even if they have a “no eating” policy in their vehicle, everyone tracks dirt, leaves, and who knows what else into their car at some point. So having a car vacuum that plugs into the car is the perfect gift to keep your new driver’s car spick and span.

Car Emergency Kit

car emergency kit

No car is complete without some kind of emergency kit. Make sure to get one that includes basics like jumper cables, a first aid kit, and other tools. Other great items that you can add to a kit include gloves, a flashlight, duct tape, and an emergency blanket. Now your new driver can drive around with confidence that they are prepared for any emergency.


No, not that kind of tile! Tile is an awesome little gadget that your new driver can attach to their keys. So if they misplace them somewhere in the house and are late for school, they can use their phone to make the Tile make noise. If they happen to drop their keys while out shopping, they can also track the location of their keys via the Tile app on their phone. Tiles can be attached to almost anything, but keys are one of the most common and useful items to track.

Dash Cam

If the new driver in your life is your child, this gift might benefit you more than them! You can use a dash cam to review how your child is driving and make sure they’re being safe. It can also help in the event of an accident by showing what actually occurred. This means a lot less “he said, she said” or “he did, she did” when it comes down to it. 

At the end of the day, there are many gifts that you can get a new driver. Just make sure you think about their unique tastes and preferences as you pick something out. Chances are, they are probably just super excited to get behind the wheel. So any gift for their car will be appreciated.

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