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How to Make An Old Car Feel New

Maybe someone you know got a brand-new car, and you may be feeling a little like Cinderella before she heads the ball — your car doesn’t have the shiny new features and extras.

You may have a little envy and start checking your bank accounts in an effort to determine whether or not you could purchase a new, shiny car.

But before you drive to your nearest dealership, remember that your car can last a long time. These days, most cars can last an average of 11.5 years. Even if you have a car that’s 7-8 years old, you can still get more out of it.

By making a few small upgrades and changes, you can make your old car feel like it’s brand new and save your money for something else. Here are six ideas to try:

Deep Clean or Detail

clean the car

With warmer weather, you may choose to do it yourself or take it to an auto spa or detailing center. Give your car a nice bath and clean every nook and cranny. You’d be surprised by how much dirt and junk collects over time.

Make sure to wipe down everything, shampoo the upholstery and carpet, and replace the old ruined floor mats.

But don’t stop there. Make sure to dust the console and clean both the insides and outsides of your windows. Make sure to remove any stickers and their residue to make your windows sparkle.

Replace Rubber Trim Around Car Doors

You know that howl or whistling you’ve been hearing when you don’t have any music blasting? While it may be that one window didn’t roll up all the way, the more likely culprit is the rubber trim that seals your car door.

Over time it can become warped by heat or develop tears. The tears can lead to air gaps which cause the howling you’ve been hearing. It also makes your A/C and heating systems have to work overtime to compensate for the air that escapes while you’re driving.

Repairing the trim on your own is easy enough.  Order the supplies and pull up a YouTube video to guide you through the steps. Of course, if you’d rather, you can always take the project to a professional and drive away stress-free.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Especially before summer, it’s always good to visit a mechanic or local dealership to check your A/C and heating unit to make sure they’re running effectively. Your unit is tied to your fuel efficiency, so it can benefit you to make sure that it’s clean and functioning smoothly.

Upgrade Your Technology

backup camera

source: fix.com 

You may be thinking that it would be important to add a new stereo system to improve your car, but there are many more technological options that could be considered.

A rearview backup camera can help provide you with more visibility. According to AAA, it takes 81 inches behind the bumper of a vehicle for the rear-view mirror to offer visibility to the driver.

Adding a backup camera to your car can help protect your family, pets, and favorite items.

Once you’ve installed a backup camera, you can look into upgrading your speakers and sound system to give you a solid sound check.

Tire Check and Rotation

Most people don’t think that new tires or rotation will make their car feel new. Your wheels are the most important part of your vehicle.

A tire safety monitor can help you keep an eye on your tires to make sure you’re taking care of them.

If you can’t remember the last time you did a tire check and a rotation, it’s a good idea to take your car to a mechanic, auto shop or dealership to have the tires rotated and balanced. You’ll love the feeling of driving off in your better-balanced vehicle – it will feel brand new to you.

Touch Ups


After you’ve cleaned the inside of the car, it’s time to look to the outside. While some may consider the little imperfections as characteristics of the travels you and your car has taken, it also displays the age of your car.

Fix those dents, scratches, and paint chips to help prevent further damage or rust and also give your car a new life.

You can try plenty of DIY options or find an auto body shop who can do the repairs for you.

These six ideas are a start to give your older car a second life. There are plenty of DIY options or less-expensive ways to make your old car feel new.

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