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What to take on a road trip with your kids

There’s nothing quite like going on a road trip. The open road. The sites. The company. And if that company includes your kids, well, you’re going to need a lot more than music and the windows rolled down to make it enjoyable. Between the “are we there yet” and the constant yelling at and touching of siblings for the mere sake of being annoying, you may be ready to turn around before you hit the freeway out of town.

Unless, of course, you take some of these things on the trip with you.

A comfortable seating arrangement

kids in the car

If your kids are little, you most likely have a good car seat with padding and a headrest. As your children get older, the less comfortable the car seat is, which may require you to packing some pillows or a neck pillow for added comfort. And if you thought ahead and left just in time for nap time giving you at least a couple of solid hours of silence to start your trip off right, that soft seating will come in handy right away.


    You may be set on keeping your car free from crumbs and spills, but with children, that’s unrealistic. To avoid sugar highs and lows, stay away from sugary drinks and candies.  Pack things like string cheese, carrots, apples, crackers, and small water bottles. Try to find new snacks your kids haven’t tried before, so there’s something new and exciting to look forward to.


    kids in the car

    These days, there is no need to bring books, coloring books, notebooks, pens, crayons, and all the stuff that will likely end up embedded in the creases and corners of your car for years to come. Thanks to technology advances with tablets and smartphones, all of those things and more can be consolidated into one small electronic device, keeping your children entertained for really, as long as you need them to be. If you’re prone to mom guilt, maybe download some more educational games so you can rest assured your kids aren’t spending time on mind-numbing activities.

    Car charger

    With all the electronic devices, including your phone, you will need to have a quality car charger to keep the batteries running. And really, not just any charger will do. Get one that can not only charge multiple devices but charge faster than your typical charger. Nobody wants to juggle devices between kids while one is charging.

    The ZUS Smart Car Charger is made of premium German Bayer polycarbonate with a layer of titanium, making it extremely durable and allowing it to withstand extremely hot weather. It also has two reversible USB ports that charge up to two times faster than average car chargers, so your children’s devices can keep going.

    So, if you have these things, bring them. It will make the long roads where there is nothing to look at a lot more bearable for all.

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