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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

Masks Price will Increase Starting Next Monday

Due to the ever-worsening situation of COVID19 in Europe, our current supplier received tons of orders from EU governments since a week ago. We’ve managed to keep our purchase price at $0.35 per piece even though the factory has been demanding for price raise every day.

However, after the factory notified us yesterday that they will stop supplying us with more masks at the current price, we have to accept the price raise. The new price will be effective next Monday at $0.368/piece (by adding 1.8 cents per piece).

The last thing we can do here is to convince the factory that the pre-orders placed before next Monday will still be at $0.35/piece.

We predict that the mask price will keep going up due to the surging demand from Europe. We are evaluating other suppliers now and will update our community first hand.


See update on how we screen the best face mask manufacturer for our users here. For the entire timeline, please check the covid19 page or see a list of blogs here.

We are working hard to make sure nonda users can get what they need. More updates will be announced and we will email all users involved. Hope we can help our community to stay safe against COVID-19

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