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Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

KN95 Masks Available to order now

Results from our community survey came yesterday, we got 213,586 responses in 48 hours! Among all the PPE supplies requests, KN95 masks for adults and children received the most votes from 89.2% and 76.5% of our users.

Without any hesitation, nonda supply chain team immediately secured the rare KN95 masks stocks on the market during the weekend.

Now nonda community support program has the following types of masks in stock for our users.
masks in stock
More info about KN95 mask: FDA&CDC approved N95 suitable alternative
NYTimes: FDA to allow use of KN95 masks
Please be aware of the DHL shipping Limits
Because of the higher unit price of KN95 masks, it will be very easy to reach the DHL shipping limits for non-commercial packages. We would like to explain it here.
According to the DHL agreement with nonda, nonda users can enjoy a 76% deep discount for shipping with personal-use products (non-commercial), which only costs $39.10/KG ( $123.80/KG OFF published rate at $162.90) for fast international express shipping.
However, DHL sets a max $200 value limit on all personal-use packages. If a package is worth over $200, it will be classified as a commercial package, which is not eligible for the nonda user discount.
To summarize, the DHL shipping limit is - Only packages with a value below $200 can enjoy the 76% discount.
To make nonda users order easier, we created 4 combos to best utilize the 1KG shipping weight while keeping the package value below $200.
Last thing, all masks will be sold on a first come first serve basis and each user can only place 1 order.

See update on how we screen the best face mask manufacturer for our users here. For the entire timeline, please check the covid19 page or see a list of blogs here.

We are working hard to make sure nonda users can get what they need. More updates will be announced and we will email all users involved. Hope we can help our community to stay safe against COVID-19

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