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How To Care For Your iPhone’s Battery

Charging your iPhone the Right Way

Ever notice that your iPhone’s lithium-ion battery drains faster after a couple of months of usage? This is caused by the degradation of your iPhone’s battery capacity. This can be caused by several factors including overheating of the battery and unhealthy charging behavior. Hence, we’ve put together 3 tips to help you prolong your iPhone’s battery lifespan.

Avoid Heating Up the Battery

Your iPhone typically has an optimal temperature range under which it operates. According to the official Apple website, iOS devices operate best between 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C). Hot temperatures north of 95° F (35° C) can permanently damage the iPhone’s battery capacity, so it’s very important to keep the phone within it’s ideal temperature range. This also applies to removing any cell phone case that causes your iPhone to heat up during charging  in order to prevent any damage to the lithium-ion battery.

On the other hand, using your iPhone in cold weather can decrease its battery life, but this is only temporary until the phone is restored to its ideal temperature range. Hence, you may notice that often when you go skiing or snowboarding, your phone will turn off due to the cold temperature even though the battery life hasn’t yet depleted and it will return to normal when you’re back inside shielded from the cold.

How to Charge Your iPhone’s Battery the Right Way

It’s best to keep your iPhone’s battery topped off at 50% or above as much as possible during the day. This means frequent short charging sprints throughout the day rather than one long charging sprint from zero to a hundred percent. Hence, having an iPhone car charger in your car to use during commutes and an office wall charger will help ensure that you can keep up the battery life. With that being said, however, it’s advisable to charge your phone from zero to 100% once a month to help calibrate your battery.

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Additionally, while certain iPhone car chargers are now smart enough to cut off charge once your phone has reached 100% and iPhone itself has a protection mechanism in place, it’s still good practice to unplug your phone once it has reached 100%. Leaving your phone charging can cause battery deterioration over time. Hence, overall, it’s good practice to maintain your phone’s battery levels between 40% and 80%.

Keep Away From Wireless Charging

While wireless charging stations appear to be a convenient alternative to your standard OEM wall chargers or iPhone car chargers, it can, however, harm your smartphone’s lithium-ion battery over time. Specifically, wireless chargers generate a fair amount of extra heat. This generated heat has the potential to damage your smartphone’s battery if left unchecked. Consequently, plug-in charging like an iPhone car charger still offers the best option to keep your smartphone’s battery functional for a longer lifespan since no overheating is involved.


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